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LanternCast – Episode #18: Interview With Chris Meloni!

A grunt is never just a grunt! We interview Chris Meloni, star of TV’s Law and Order SVU and voice of Hal Jordan in Green Lantern First Flight! PLUS San Diego Comic Con Wrap Up! Music by Chad Farran and Cyberwaste! Please visit our site at

Download the episode here:

LanternCast – Episode #17: Emerald Eclipse!

Join us as we discuss “Emerald Eclipse” running through issues 33-38 of Green Lantern Corps. There’s a LOT going on in this arc, so strap in as we delve into all of the various plot lines and budding character dynamics, as well as speculate on how the fireworks of Blackest Night could set it all ablaze! Music by Chad Farran and Kirby Krackle! Please visit our site at

LanternCast – Episode #16: Greed Lantern!

We review the second half of the Agent Orange storyline in Green Lantern 41 and 42 with the help of comic blogger extraordinaire, Corwin Crowl! Plus news, emails and tangents you typically find on the LanternCast! Music by Chad Farran. Please visit our site at

LanternCast – Episode #15: Ask The LanternCast!

We answer questions and discuss topics posted by forum members! Plus, we talk about the Green Lantern appearance in Last Days of Animal Man issue 2! Music by Chad Farran, interlude from Duck Dodgers! Please visit our site at